Gifted & Talented

Dora Moore ECE-8 values Community, Kindness, Curiosity, and Excellence.

Students and staff build positive social identities, 21st Century skills, and intellectual development.

Gifted, talented and advanced learners are served with an Integrated Model.

The Integrated Model ensures all Dora Moore students participate in advanced learning, featuring high quality products, tiered standard instruction, targeted small-group instruction, and interaction with capable peers. We  teach  with depth and complexity to further develop critical thinking.

Teachers collaborate with our teacher for Gifted and Talented special service provider to ensure all DM students interact to deepen cultural and academic understandings. Students pursue unique interests, passions, and gifts while asking questions, challenging ideas, and creating a positive school culture through clear communication.

Weekly information and GT updates are sent home to all families using the ReachWell app. 

Our DM GT rep completes universal screening (NNAT testing) for grades Kinder, 2nd and 6th, builds GT body of evidence files (BOE) on behalf of GT nominees,  formally identifies GT learners, collaborate to create Advanced Learning Plans (ALP), provides GT info to parents, and assists with enrichment activities. 

Dora Moore welcomes families to participate in affirming and celebrating each student to feel they are worthy and belong. Our partnership with the greater Denver and Capitol Hill communities extend our learning experiences on and off campus to enrich development for our diverse school community.

If you have questions, please email our GT teacher at