Dora Moore building

Construction began on Corona School (later renamed Dora Moore School) in 1889. At that time, the population of Denver was 125,481. It cost $3,000 for the land at 9th Avenue and Corona Street. Robert S. Roeschlaub designed Corona School, as well as 28 other schools for the Denver Public Schools. The contract price was $71,000.

The school was supposed to open in January of 1890, but did not until the autumn of that year. The Denver Times reported that the total seating capacity was 700.

“Each classroom has a capacity of 60 students. The girls and boys each have a large lunchroom in the basement furnished with tables and benches. There are also four large rooms in which the janitor lives with his family.”

Many famous people have gone to Dora Moore School. Former Denver Mayors Quigg Newton and William H. McNichols attended Dora Moore together in the early 1920’s. Other famous alumni are Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., the big band leader Paul Whiteman, comedian Tim Allen, and Mamie Doud Eisenhower.