On-Track/Off-Track Program

Attendance, Behavior, and rates of Classwork completion are all indicators for college and career readiness and essential in supporting each student’s individual student growth and achievement. At Dora Moore, we believe that students should be rewarded and honored when they demonstrate initiative and self-agency to set and achieve rigorous and personally meaningful goals. Students are expected meet the following each quarter:

Each quarter, students who are “on track” as indicated above will earn a fun field trip or other valuable experience. Additionally, there will be “surprise” incentives and rewards throughout each quarter to honor students doing the good work! Homeroom teachers will meet with students for mentoring and will advise students regarding on track / off track progress. Students who are “off track” at any point during a quarter will have an opportunity to get back on track by making up time or assignments or completing community service with a positive attitude.


Any absence, excused or unexcused, will count toward the 95% attendance goal. Absences due to religious holidays, funerals, or medically documented illnesses lasting longer than three days are exempt.


The behavior ladder is a Four Step process we use to address minor student behavior, disruptions, and lack of expectation following during our classes. The value in a clear and consistent approach is two-fold: 1. Promote equity in our response. 2. Protect the learning environment for all students. 

The ladder is used in every class, every day. 

Step 1: Warning/Redirection

Step 2: Intervention

Step 3: Detention 

Step 4: ISS/Office Referral

Getting to Step 4 on the ladder in a class results in an office referral and puts a student ‘off-track.’ 

Four detentions in a quarter will result in an ISS Office Referral and puts a student ‘off-track.’ Additionally, the following are automatic removals from class resulting in a referral: fighting, profanity directed at a teacher, imminent safety concerns, elopement, Discrimination Prevention Response investigations or Title 9 violations. 

Classwork & Grades:

Students are expected to be passing each of their classes and have no missing assignments with all work completed.